Terms and Conditions

Purple Pocket LLP is an online and offline platform for providing reasonable and temporary properties/ accommodations, operating in the brand name “Villas By Hangout / 360 Pawna By Hangout”. Below Terms and Conditions are applicable to all the Guests or customers who are making bookings for villas or service apartments through any of our online channels like our website, our mobile application, third party website or third party application or through offline channels like any third parties, advertisements, referrals etc. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and ensure that you understand them before you start making a Booking through our Booking Channels. These Terms and Conditions becomes applicable to the Guests who make a Booking through any of the Booking Channels and also to the Guests making any queries related to any Booking made through our Booking Channels. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and Purple Pocket may, without prior notice to you and at any time, revise them and any other information contained in any Booking Channel by updating these Terms and Conditions. Please note that the restated Terms and Conditions shall be effective immediately upon posting. Purple Pocket may also make improvements or changes in the services provided by it as described in Booking Channels at any time without notice. Therefore, you are advised to regularly check for any amendments or updates to these Terms and Conditions.
Except where additional terms and conditions are provided, these Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with any other terms of any order placed or service provided by Purple Pocket LLP. If you are not agreeable to any of these Terms and Conditions, please do not use our Booking Channels to make a Booking through Villas By Hangout/360 Pawna By Hangout.
For the purpose of online as well as offline bookings made through our platform, the terms used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meaning:

1.     “Purple Pocket Llp” or “Villas By Hangout” is the company which is offering residential properties such as villas  for short term rentals to Guests or Customers under the brand name Villas By Hangout or 360 Pawna By Hangout. It shall also be referred to as Purple pocket Llp, we, our and us in given context.

2.    “Guests” refers to the guests who make a Booking of Properties through our Booking Channels. Guests may be referred to as you, your in given context.

3.     “Online Booking Channels” shall include our website, our mobile application third party website or third party application.

4.     “Offline Booking Channels” shall include any third parties like travel agents, advertisements etc.

5.     “Booking Channels” shall mean and include Online Booking Channels and Offline Booking Channels collectively.

6.     “Booking” means short term renting of Property by Purple Pocket to Guest for purpose of temporary stay.

7.     “Check-In” is the scheduled date and time from and after which Guests can start staying using the ‘Property’.

8.     “Check-Out” is the scheduled date and time on which duration of stay of Guests end and they will be restricted from using / staying in the Property for any further time.

9.     “Booking Period” is the period between scheduled Check-In and scheduled Check-Out. i.e. Period which start at scheduled Check-In and end at scheduled Check-Out.

10.    “Booking on Hold” shall mean that for the convenience of Guests, unless instructed otherwise in writing by Guests, on receipt of deposit towards Advance and Security from Guests, Stay Vista shall hold said Booking in confirmed but in Hold status for Guests, pending receipt of promised balance amount of Booking on specified dates. During ‘Rental on Hold’ status, Stay Vista is foregoing alternate revenue generation from subject Property for said Booking Period by not accepting rental for said Property for said Booking Period from other Guests’. Though, Booking is confirmed and held for Guest, Guests cannot use the Property or Check-In unless he / she deposits total Booking Amount by specified due dates.

11.     “Booking Confirmation” means that on receipt of total amount of deposit due towards Booking Amount from Guests, Villas By Hangout confirms that Guests can now use and Check-In at the Property for the period of their stay in the Property. On receipt of total amount of Booking.

12.    “Advance” is the non-refundable amount required to be deposited by Guests with Stay Vista as deposit for securing a confirmed Booking of the Property. This deposit is sought to protect Villas By Hangout/360 Pawna By Hangout against loss of revenue in case Guests cancels the Booking or if Guests does not pay due amounts at Check-out.